SEO Services

SEO Services are my main bread and butter this is my passion, I love SEO and have embroiled myself in the SEO community and culture over the years learning the dark art of SEO and I concur that SEO is not dead as many others will suggest. Businesses often try different suppliers of SEO services and can get a mixed bag of results. This is not because SEO is dead, it has evolved or the person you are using isn’t capable of doing SEO.

SEO Consultancy Services

Being in London I’m at the heart of all technology, I hang around in Shoreditch which is seen as the place to be if you are in the tech industry the suits are gone and i dress like a student with no money. I can even go as far as getting a few days wear out of my boxer shorts flipping them inside out a few times just to fit in with the usual SEO crowd. In the SEO community, its all about fitting in with the crowd, the clique and doing this helps me embrace the space.

SEO Consultancy is my thing, regardless of how I’m dressed I can generate you leads by offering your in-house team the know-how and advice on Search Engine Optimisation. Now I’ll be frank here you will need to have SEO Consultants in your office to do the work, the consultancy services are exactly that, I tell you guys what to do and you go and do it, I don’t get my hands dirty here you use me for my knowledge and experience and that’s where consultancy ends. You pay up and shut up I have a fairly big ego and cant be bothered listening to client waffle, you may know how to run a business, how to avoid the tax man or how to sleaze over your female staff. But you don’t know SEO so keep your hands off this side of the business and let me delegate your tasks to your staff for you.

SEO Agency Services

So you want agency type SEO services? A one-stop shop where someone can do all of the work for you? You will pay for this service and very handsomely too. You’re on the clock and you can change your mind, hear what you want to hear and have as many meetings as you would like with my team or me. For every bit of justification you want I am happy to charge an hourly rate, my advice to you would be to listen carefully as even if I have told you things five times before, I’m happy to charge time and time again for you being so thick.

What we tend to do with our SEO Agency Services is very little actionable work, just a whole load of meetings, reports and meaningless work that adds no value to your business, but we lock you down on a contract so we can continue to take money from you for doing the least amount of work possible. You don’t have a fucking leg to stand on either the contact is Iron Clad so you are fucked, we also host your website and domain name so unless you want to fuck off and start your business again using a new domain name and website then you will continue to pay and be treated like an arsehole.

SEO London

London is full of big business who can afford for me to take them for a ride, I like big money and doing no work I can delegate some shit tasks to some lowlife freelancer sat in his boxers in some exotic location who can spin and churn social signals for 50 bucks while I go out spending your money on booze, drugs and whatever else I can get my hands on. I’m a regular speaker on the SEO speaking circuit so I do have to attend these events at your expense eating prawn sandwiches and talking to people I don’t even like to try and get as much information out of them as I possibly can. That’s the life of an SEO in London doing down the local agencies and see who has a mini conference on, take some selfies and talk a pile of shit and all my peers will nod and laugh.