SEO Bellend of the Week

Howdy Y’all A new award for the egotistic SEOs it will be named SEO Bellend of the week and you can nominate for the biggest bellend in Digital Marketing by filling out the contact form on the site with a solid valid reason for your nomination. This prestigious award will be done every Thursday for the next 6 months.

The community has so many awards so what is one more addition to the list? This award will get you traffic, exposure & more people knowing about your bellend abilities. Moans and groans have been noticed however people do enjoy this blog and while people enjoy seeing nominations for bellends of the week this will continue. Hurtful as it may be there are individuals who deserved to be exposed as a downright cunt. 

This semesters SEO Bellend of the week will have to go to none other than the biggest bellend has to go to none other than the prick that is Roger Monti.

One of the old school SEO types who thinks he knows it all old as fuck and still rinsing folk for a living audits and a wide range of seo optimization services Roger is in there like a tramp on chips sucking the last bit of goodness out of the client’s marketing finance budget. Roger Monti a charlatan at best with no real track record other than hopping from client to client doing basic seo work on a website.

A man who is into cuckolding in his spare time alongside drinking tea and fucking his cat this old fossil should pack his bags and move on out the digital industry. Times up pipsqueak go and take your rat like face for a dump and give us all some peace and quiet. The sooner this industry becomes regulated and cleaned up the better.

Normally we would provide evidence for someone being the bellend of the week but this time Roger Monti has been voted by the overall community as a fucking bellend so no proof required.

Rodger you are the first winner of SEO bellend of the week there will be nominatons accepted via the contact form just send in what you can with some evidence of why your nomination is a bellend and we will put these live every thursday at 9am Pacific time.