Link Building Services

Link Building Services, now where do we start with link building it’s never-ending I can offer you a full range of Link Building services they all mean the same thing, but ill break them down into the usual link building names that people are coining a living from and I’ll make it sound like its a whole bunch of different services that I offer.


Citations are the best place to start I will get you local directory listings on all of the free directories out there, I cant be fucked spending too much time on it though, so I will copy and paste your details time and time again to ensure that there is no impact on your business from me providing this service. You will get hounded from these listings for paid listings this is going to get on your tits but its fun for me, as it makes you think I’m working hard.  This is a meaningless service that you could probably do without because it won’t be done properly but it does allow me to show you some work I’ve done and you will be none the wiser.


Link Building is important and outreach works honest, I get about 70% of people I reach out to responding to me with genuine link opportunities. You will be aware that anyone else’s response is about 1% from outreach but this is outreach did properly using Pitchbox and similar tools so I can do it at scale, it’s a numbers game, by numbers I mean you will pay me a shit ton of money to tell you that no fucker replied and I only got you 12 links from the 384,972 outreach emails that you paid for. I use Pitchbox and automation but seriously, this is hard work all emails are sent one by one and are unique and personalised.

Paid Links

So the paid links I get are not paid links, they are white hat ethical paid links these ones are not toxic and will not cause you any problems other than the fact these ones cost you 10k per month. What I do here is tell you that these links are ethical and you will believe this, just like you believe that your Mother and father don’t fornicate anymore. But you cough up that money and pay and if you are clever enough to check your backlink profile these white hat links will come from blog comments, web 2.0s and wikis alongside some other big domains with high PageRank and other metrics that Google still take into consideration like trust flow and citation flow.

Public Blog Networks

PBN’s are links from people who publically sell links using expired shitty domains and low-quality content linking to your nice website, they still work a treat they still do Xrumer blasts to these websites and use spun content to generate your articles. The outbound links on these sites are 780,000 in most cases and increasing by the week so the more links you get from sites with that amount of outbound links really will help your website move up through the serps and lead to world domination. Join the PBN Facebook groups you will see people selling these links for a couple of pounds, but my finders fee for such links are quite high, I manage this process for you and make sure that you get only the best PBN links honest.