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Importance of Homepage Backlinks

the unequivocal maths that google use in their algorithm does mean that many of you dumb fuckers who don’t know the algorithm inside out will struggle to comprehend what I’m about to say. The 3 prong multiplier when google calculates pagerank into the wordpress core and multiplies that by your keyword density then doubling this up with your url, title tag and link velocity sequence gives them an equation on how best to rank a page. But within the wordpress core all of the internal links that populate back to the homepage dynamically via the permalink structure means that a homepage link is then 7.2% more powerful than an internal page linking to you.

That said it depends on the position of the link, our spammy black hat friends have used and abused footer links more than they have vilified a hooker so that was removed via the google herman update in 2012 where they devalued footer links by 80% so that people wouldn’t put as much value on them.

So link placement in the main body or the sphincter of the article will provide you with the best possible results from a homepage backlink.