Chase Reiner White HAT SEO My Arse

So the thing I hate more about Google updates f**king up my rankings and revenue is bullsh*t artists who come into the industry and claim after 5 minutes that they are the greatest SEO ever and they have this new secret to strategy that they will sell you for $99 that will make you rank number 1 and therefore a millionaire.

Its all bullsh*t, if they really had found a secret strategy that worked like a charm, firstly they wouldn’t be selling it, they would rinse and repeat and generate far more cash than a $99 course will ever make them.

Don’t get me wrong, some courses are great, but you need to know the person behind them. Some don’t do it for the money they do it to help others.

Anyway I digress, bullsh*t artists – a new one entered the market about 6 months ago, he claimed he was the “White hat king” he didn’t need links to rank (turns out he was just inspect elementing in chrome and changing Ahrefs to show zero links, when in fact he was using links to rank).

This guy for some reason, makes my blood boil. I like honest people, tell all the facts and let the people make up their own minds.

Maybe links wasn’t the factor behind why his content ranked, but simply deleting that part of the narrative really annoys me.

So the guy I am talking about is a guy called Chaise Rainer.

Someone recently sent me his “SEO technical Audit” and I have never seen such a basic list in my entire life, if he had pitch this as a beginners audit I would have agreed, but he is claiming to be a technical SEO specialists and he is using this. F**k me my 9 year old nephew does better audits.

So I got digging and found he has a few more resources available and well Mr Reiner your OWN data proves you are a bullsh*t artists of the highest level, so well done.

If there was an award for BullSh*t artist of the year I think you would win it hands down.

Don’t believe me – thats fine, lets look at the data.

The document in question is called “rank and rent the ultimate guide” and before we get into the data – you sir need to learn who to design a deck. Guys offer Fiverr could do a much better job, spend a few dollar and make it look decent.

Remember these are his words:

So Currently the highest rated SEO consultant on Google – whatever that fucking means, but we will ignore that one.

Ranking on the first page of Google for “White Hat SEO” without link building – yeah back to no links, I don’t need links to rank etc etc (more on this in a minute).

Arguably one of the youngest SEO’s whos brining in over $200k a year. I don’t want to sound like a dick here – but good SEO’s bring in $200k a year, I know of a few kids in school making that amount. Great SEO’s do that a month.

White Hat SEO:

Remember above when in the second slide he claimed to be ranking on the first page of Google for “White Hat SEO” – well on slide 68 – yeah I really did read all the slides and it was painful, but he showed a screenshot of his GSC data.

Lets look at row 5. “White hat seo” average ranking 17.9 so page 2 isn’t bad but he claimed to be on page 1 – a claim his own data backs up. So if he is lying about this simple thing which is easy to prove, what else does he lie about.

Looking more closely at the data – row 1, his name he doesn’t even rank number 1 at all times for his own name. If he had a common name, or a name with a sports star then I would understand him not ranking for his own name, but he doesn’t and so should be able to rank at all times for his own name.

Row 6 is what makes me worry and think he must be using some sort of black hat methods, either that or his internal site search is that bad people use Google to search his site. But 474 people search for site:hisdomain and more worrying only 10% of those that do click through. If these were genuine searches like his brand name you would expect CTR to be 50%+ but 10% seems like he might be trying to scam Google.

Just come out and be honest, I don’t care what tactics you use, there are many strategies which work, just don’t try and claim stuff thats not true.

On final point, I mentioned earlier how bad the slides were and could do with some design work, here are just a few example

There are some which are slight better, but come on 1998 came calling for its slide deck also why the aggression, people have come to learn and not be insulted.

Rant over.