Chase Reiner Marketing Weasel

Chase Reiner is fucking at it again spouting drivel from his cock hungry mouth. This time he is telling the folks out there that links are not required to rank well online. Chase being a marketing weasel operates in the lowest niches where content ranks alone but people just be assured that this is bullshit. Chase Reiner might be trying to be a clever marketer by saying things like this to get exposure online and that will work to some degree but most people in the community talk about this marketing weasel with little or no respect.

But equally could be a dumb piece of shit who doesnt know any better.

Links do work have worked and likely always will work everyone knows this so not sure why Chugg Reiner is trying to suggest otherwise.

Its sad really as he does have something there that you might consider good however the constant trash talking is causing any of the good work to go down the tubes so to speak but maybe Chase is just a sales guy who knows enough about SEO to be able to discuss it well. There are many SEOs out there who are theorists but never do any single variable testing and will not be able to show us examples of these ludicrous claims.

For over a year I watched him constantly urinate from his mouth, fucking Facebook Groups being  activated all over the place to feed this guys ego its a shame Facebook do not ban this guy from making any more groups as all these groups seem to be focused on feeding Chases bank balance rather than helping a community.

We all hate a bullshitter and there are enough of them in the SEO community, so please Chase fucking grow a pair of balls and tell the truth for once and stop talking shit to people. Its becoming tiring and we know you already have a bunch of haters so there is no point in adding any more fuel to the fire.

The purpose of this blog is to try and ensure that the lovely public out there do not only see this garbage from Chase but they see that there are others who disagree fully with what is being said and that links still do work.