Biggest Wankers in SEO

We all love a top list of experts dropping into our news feeds, no-one will read them but in this scenario, I’m sure this is going to be good click bait and will get me some decent social shares and traction online. Our industry is full of nice people too, but I’m sure you will all agree that there is a lot of SEO wankers out there who have tried to pull the wool over your eyes, or been rude to you.  If you do know of any SEO wankers who you feel should be added to this list, fill out the contact form and if they are a wanker they will be added.

Biggest SEO Wankers

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  • Neil Patel
  • Chaise Reiner
  • Peter Jones
  • Conor O’ Brien
  • Anyone who calls themselves a growth hacker

If anyone has any form of data to back up that you are an SEO wanker then your name is going on the list, don’t be a cunt and show people a bit of respect and don’t speak to everyone as if they are stupid everyone is at different stages of their SEO careers and may need help or guidance, don’t be a bully and ruin any confidence they had because you feel like being a wanker.